Fix the Cannot Find Name ‘require’ Error in TypeScript

To fix the “cannot find name ‘require'” error in TypeScript, install the @types/node package into your project by running npm i -D @types/node.

This error can occur when you try to use the Node.js require() function in a TypeScript file.

The "cannot find name 'require' error in TypeScript.

You can fix it by running the following command in a terminal window at the root directory of your project:

npm i -D @types/node

If the error persists, try adding "node" to the types array in your tsconfig.json file:


  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": [
      // ... other types


If you’re just doing simple testing, you can quickly resolve this error by defining a require variable at the top of the TypeScript file:

declare var require: any;

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